“Do not go where the PATH may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Kristiina Keravuori travels the world in the spirit of Acts 10:38. Just as the Apostle Peter responded to the direction of the Holy Spirit to minister to Cornelius, a gentile that hungered for the spirit of the living God, Kristiina is an apostolic evangelist that searches out the spiritually hungry ones.

With boldness and courage she will blaze a trail to find the one lost sheep. She has a special heart for Dalit orphans and abandoned children scavenging on the rubbish dumps throughout the world. Whether its a struggling young woman in Mongolia, a small community in Asia, a new church plant in India, Romani communities in Lithuania, or prison ministry she often leaps into unknown territory bringing the love of God and hope through healing, baptism, encouragement, and exhortation to those in need.


What is World Evangelism Organisation (WEO)?

These following parts of The Bible tell the reasons behind WEO the best:

”Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”(Matthew 28:19- 20).

”If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world.” (John 12:47)

”A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34)

The purpose of WEO is:

  • To teach the love of Jesus and to give humanitarian help (according to Christian principles) equally to all people, regardless of their race, sex, religion, residence or social status.
  • To give courage and assistance to Christian communities and congregations. Attempt to work towards bringing different Christian communities together, and attempt to aid their development, both in Finland and abroad.
  • Work towards better dialog between different religions and groups, both in Finland and abroad.

In practice this means:

  • To arrange public praise and prayer meetings, teachings and other functions, both in Finland and abroad.
  • To do evangelising practices both in Finland and abroad. We attempt to do this on television, radio, press, and with multimedia materials.
  • To arrange free functions like courses, movie showings, theatre plays, concerts etc.
  • To publish evangelising books and other print materials, different recordings and other audio visual materials that support the purpose of WEO.
  • To arrange excursions and pilgrimages in Finland and abroad to its members.
  • To support other registered Christian organisations, Christian work, and to give donations to actions that support the purpose of WEO.
  • To train and send workers to Finland and abroad.
  • To offer humanitarian help both in Finland and abroad.

To support its operations, WEO can:

  • Lawfully accept collections in their functions.
  • Accept donations and testaments, and own both loose and fixed assets, such as properties and bonds.
  • Execute raffles and fundraisings after getting an appropriate permit for that.
  • Arrange rummage sales, entertaining functions, car boot sales, and other similar events, and attach other functions to them, such as selling food, music or Christian books and things.
  • Sell loose and fixed assets that are in its possession. All this is done according to Finnish law for organisations.


Support our work


If you live in Finland, you can give donations to our bank account:
FI6810253000254204 / World Evangelism Organisation ry
Reference number to all operations: 5555

Reference number to Lithuania: 1559

Reference number to Mongolia: 1669

Reference number to India: 1889

The international bank account for donations:



If you want to donate using your credit card, you can do so in PayPal by using the Donate-button below.

If you want to help in some other way, please contact Kristiina Keravuori.

World Evangelism Organisation thanks you for all your help.

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Executive director Evangelist Kristiina Keravuori


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Africa(Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt), Central-America (Belize, Mexico, Guatemala),America (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South-Carolina, Texas ), China, Hong Kong, England, Estonia, India ( Tamil Nadu, South-India, Jammu & Kashmir), Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania,West-Malaysia, East-Malaysia, Sabah, Borneo, Marocco, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Spain, South-Africa, South-Korea, Tibet, Turkey

Year 2011

Download journals from Kristiina’s trip to Mongolia: part 1 (PDF), part 2 (PDF) and part 3 (PDF)

Year 2014

Download Kristiina’s journal for May 2014 here (PDF).

Year 2018

12.2-29.4.2018 India
21.5-31.5.2018 England
9.7-13.7.2018 Minsk Belarus
1.9-21.10.2018 India
21.10-13.11.2018 South-Africa Cape Town

Year 2017

1.1- 7.2.2017 Finland Helsinki, Pori, Hanko
7.2-4.4.2017 USA Redding California
5.4-11.4.2017 England Brighton
11.4-20.4.2017 Israel
21.4-4.5.2017 England Brighton
4.5- 25.9.2017 Finland, Helsinki, Pori Jyväskylä
25.9- 9.10.2017 England Brighton
9.10-31.10.2017 Egypt Cairo, Alexandria
31.10- 7.12.2017 England
7.12- 31.12.2017 Finland

Year 2016

1.1- 7.1.2016 USA Redding California
8.1-18.2.2016 Brighton England
18.2- 25.2.2016 Israel
25.2- 29.2.2016 Brighton England
1.3- 28.5.2016 USA Florida Tallahassee, Miami, California Redding. San Francisco, Los Angeles
28.5.2016- 4.6.2016 Brighton England
4.6.2016- 9.10.2016 Finland
9.10.2016- 17.10.2016 Brighton England
17.10.2016- 18.11.2016 Cape Town South-Africa
18.11.2016- 24.11.2016 Brighton England
24-11-2016-31.12.2016 Finland

Year 2015

1.1- 25.1.2015 South-Africa Cape Town
26.1- 24.2.2015 India
24.2- 24.3.2015 Sri Lanka
24.3- 4.6.2015 West-Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Rawang Singapore
4.6- 19.6.2015 East-Malaysia, Borneo
19.6- 17.8.2015 Philippines
17.8-7.9.2015 Hong Kong
7.9- 11.10.2015 Japan
12.10- 31.12.2015 USA Redding California, Tallahassee Florida,Houston Texas

Year 2014

1.1- 24.2.2014 South-Africa Cape Town
26.2- 27.7.2014 India
27.7- 5.8.2014 Sri Lanka
05.8- 6.10.2014 Israel
6.10- 27.10.2014 Brighton, England
28.10- 31.12.2014 South-Afica Cape Town

Year 2013

1.1- 16.6.2013 India
18.6- 22.7.2013 South-Africa Cape Town
22.7-8.9.2013 India
9.9.-31.12.2013 South-Africa Cape Town

Year 2012

January 9- 26 2012 USA Austin Texas
March 3-18 2012 Israel
April 10- June 10 USA Austin Texas
June 10- June 19 Japan, Tokyo
June 19- June 28 South-Korea Seoul
June 28- July 27 Mongolia
September 28- October 10 Lithuania
October 10- starts one years mission journey in India

Year 2011

1.1- 11.1 USA
3.3- 19.3 Israel
9.6- 24.8 Mongolia
24.8- 5.9 South-Korea
22.11- 29.11 Lithuania, Latvia

Year 2010

4.1 -4.2 India

3.3- 8.3 USA

31.5 – 21.9 Mongolia – China, Tibet, Nepal, India

Year 2009

10.3 India, Tiruvannamalai

14.5 Italy, Assisi, La Verna

22.6 Lithuania

13.7 Mongolia

10.11 Israel

Year 2008

13.2 Lithuania

9.3 India, Tiruvannamalai

29.4 Lithuania

13.6 Florida, Lakeland

22.6 Moscow, Russia

27.6 Mongolia

28.7 Florida, Lakeland

17.10 Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Year 2007

26.1 London

16.2 St.Petersburg, Metallostroi

26.2 Lithuania

13.3 St.Petersburg, Kolpino and Metallostroi

13.4 St.Petersburg, Metallostroi

24.5 St.Petersburg

29.5 Lithuania

9.6 Mongolia

15-20.8. Lithuania

7- 10.10. Ireland

1- 5.11. Lithuania

2-14.12 Ethiopia

Year 2006

24.1 Lithuania

21.2. Lithuania

15.3. Atlanta, Alabama

16.4. Lithuania

28.4. Sortavala, Russia

5.5 St.Petersburg

22.5. Lithuania
11.7. St.Petersburg, Kolpino

24.7 Lithuania

15.8 St.Petersburg, Kolpino

3.9 China

9.9 Mongolia

18.10 Lithuania

3.11 Atlanta, Alabama, Bernars Abbey, Denver

11.12 Lithuania

19.12 St.Petersburg, Kolpino

Year 2005

01 Tallinn, Estonia

8.2 Lithuania
16.3. Israel

29.3. Italy

9.5. Lithuania

10.6 Sortavala, Russia

15.6. Lithuania

1.7 Portugal

16.8. Lithuania

14.9. Atlanta, Alabama

17.10 Lithuania

15.11 Africa, Kenya, Rwanda

Year 2004

4.3. Israel

17.3 Turkey

28.4 Vyborg and St.Petersburg, Russia

2.5. Lithuania

3.6. Lithuania

5.7. Lithuania

13.7. Oslo, Norway

28.7 Lithuania

10.8 Israel

3.9. Sortavala, Russia

13.9. Lithuania

30.9 Atlanta, Alabama, Houston

28.10 Mexico, Belize, Guatemala

15.11 Lithuania

30.12 Lithuania

Year 2003

19.-26.11 Lithuania and Tallinn, Estonia

Events for Spring 2011

Please note that most of these are held only in Finnish.


10.2 HELSINKI Healing-, Paciuksenkaari 19 time: 17.00- 20.00
12- 13.2 ESPOO-OTANIEMI Prayer services at Minä Olen-exhibition stand 71

17.2 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing- 

19.2 LAHTI Healing- teaching and prayer 

24.2 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing- 

27.2 HELSINKI Jesus- Today, time 13.00 (Korppaanmäentie 25, Pikku-Huopalahti)


5- 19.3 pilgrimage to Israel

20.3 HELSINKI Jesus-Today, time: 13.00 (Korppaanmäentie 25, Pikku-Huopalahti)

24.3 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing- 

26.3 LAHTI Healing- teaching and prayer

27.3 JYVÄSKYLÄ Healing and prayer services, time: 11- 17.00 (Eeronkatu 6, Jyväskylä)

31.3 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing-


2- 3.4 TAMPERE Prayer services, Tampereen Äitimaamessut, Tampereen-yhteiskoulun lukio, Hallituskatu 32

7.4 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing-

9.4 KOKKOLA Prayer services, Kokkolan Aurinko-messut, Hyvinvointi ja kulttuuriyksikkö Terveystie 1, time: 10- 17.00

10.4 JYVÄSKYLÄ Healing teaching and prayer services (Eeronkatu 6, Jyväskylä)

14.4 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing- 

16- 17.4 TURKU: Healing teaching, How to heal the sick, Konsan kartano Virusmäentie 9 Sat 10- 18.00 Sun 10- 15.00

21.4 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing- 

23.4 LAHTI Healing- teaching and prayer 11.00- 17.00


7- 8.5 LUOSTO Outaserviisi (Kristiina will be there 5- 10.5, and offers also personal prayers)

13- 15.5 TAMPERE Healing teaching (Ilontila)

19.5 HELSINKI Pikku- Huopalahti Healing teaching 

21.5 LAHTI Healing- teaching and prayer

22.5 JYVÄSKYLÄ Healing and prayer services, time: 11- 17.00 (Eerikinkatu 6, Jyväskylä)


Going to Mongolia, Tibet and India.

If you want more information or you want to register your attendance, please contact Kristiina Keravuori.

mobile: +358405242723

email: kristiina.keravuori@gmail.com