I pray that you all are doing well where ever you are in the world

What a great journey I had in Lithuania. Great meetings in Kaunas and Vilnius.
The Holy Spirit was moving so strongly!
One man Arnold in Kaunas ( I met his last year and he was so touched by Jesus already then) wanted me to baptise his daughter but at the end I was baptizing his hole family. What a great day.
We had a great meeting with the people in Kaunas, about 30 people came and people
were touched by God. How to enter into the Holy of Holies!
Arnold was so filled with Holy Spirit so he was just singing and worshiping God.
He did come with me to Eisikes in the border of Bela Russia and there we did bring food for three Romany families and we prayed with them. Some of the old mothers and fathers had died so there is a new generation ruling Romany people.
Police Petras in Kaliniskai said that this new generation is so different than the old. They are so aggressive and drinking so much. Anyway Police Petras was happy and sending his love to everybody.
In the end of this great day and first mission day to Arnold we did go to one Pentecostal home church. Arnold was so excited of everything! So was I !!! What a great God we serve!!!
One young man from Tabor village in Vilnius had killed a woman. I have known this boy since he was eight years old and now he is seventeen. This murder happened last april and nobody have been visiting him in the prison, nobody have not been allowed to go there. But God made us a way to go. Arnold was calling to Vilnius
and Kaunas officers and finally one man said Just go there and the door was open for us. Thank you Jesus.
It was so painful to see this young man sitting there and crying. This woman he killed had given some informations about his mother to the police and they did take his mother to jail for four and half years. I could see the pain in his heart, you just can cancel what you have done. My heart was so empty after our meeting, but I know there was a reason God brought us there. He never thought I would come there and now he knows that Jesus have opened the doors for us. Praying in the prison have brought him help during these last months and now we were there and praying even more. Even he was sitting behind the class I did have a possibility to go and hug him. Oh my God how my heart is crying for him. After this visit I was so empty even Arnold was silent and we were just sitting in his car. But Jesus is bigger than the world so I have trust in Him that this boy will be changed.
I have to leave my friends in Kaunas and I moved to Vilnius for one more day. In Vilnius we had a meeting with ten people and wednesday 10 I was flying away and arrived to India thursday morning after 24 hours.

All the blessings from India,
I have a nice room which is next to our orphanage. Shower, toilet, and kitchen which is supposed to be ready soon.
Weather is very hot even it should rain here. Now it’s winer time but it have been raining too little. Please pray for this.
We did already do one mission trip to the mountains were the weather was so great not so hot. A mission society called Blessing Youth Mission at Chitteri-hills. Blessing Youth Mission is working in Orissa too and there they are having a project which is called: Food for Orissa. In this place they have about two hundred children young and old. Schools for the younger children and now they are building one more building for the older boys and girls. Three housed for missionaries which are working there and a huge gathering and worshipping hall.
I was preaching to the children and we did do my new training how to Enter into the Room of the Holy of Holies.
Praying, worhipping and entering.. So great children

Back to my little room where the electricity just came back, ( it’s working every second hour, so difficult for the people here WE NEED RAIN) and my fan is working Hallelujaa!!!
It’s so easy to live in Finland or Europe or USA or Austrailia…

God Bless you all

- Evangelist Kristiina