Dear Friends in Christ,

Since I arrived in India, here have been happening so great things.
Going to villages and seeing people healed and delivered. Visiting many Hindu families and after experiencing the love of Christ and healing they have given their lives to Him!
I can see these people are so lost with their Gods and what a joy it is when Jesus comes and touches their hearts and delivers them from the spiritual darkness and spiritual orphanage.
What else you want to do in your life that serve this Jesus the Saviour?

Two years ago we were praying for a land that we could have a place for worship, teachings and sending missionaries around India. A place where pastors, leaders, believers ( and non believers ) can come and rest in His presence. Where teachers and preachers can come around the world . This was my vision in 2003 when I gave my life to Christ.
Now I think this is happening! Last month, this land was given to Mercy Home free of charge for the next decade. NIne acres of land, beautiful land that ends the stunning mountain. This land has belonged to one Swedish missionary a hundred years ago and when he left he gave this land to the Lutheran church. Now we have dedicated this land and we have given it the name ” Mount Beatitudes”. What a great place!!! New Christian center here in South-India. You can come here to rest or study or meditate or worship next to a peaceful mountain in His presence! PRAY FOR THIS!
If you feel that you are called to join us please come!

Im living in a very nice house by Mercy Home Orphanage and I’m so blessed to have my ”Indian mother” here to teach me and show to me ”How to live in India” ( clothing ex…). Even we have had many miss understandings we have worked well.
I have one friend from Finland who have been living here for five years and she have been a great help for me too! This country is so differet than my Finland.
The last three weeks, my son Mikko was here with me, what a great blessing it was! During his trip, he said ” This is the best trip where I have ever been in my life” and we have been travelling a lot during his life. We went to the village Missions together and seeing some cities like Pondicherry and Chennai. God was touching him. After he left India I had two days pastors meeting in Chennai and that was so powering to see so many leaders and pastors together. We were about 150-200 people and this is only some pastors from South-India. Next april we will have a meeting with all the pastors from South- India and there will be thousands.

Here in Mercy Home we have our little church with 75 people, young and old and it’s so wonderful to see how they are growing in Him.
Also in Mercy Home area we have begun construction work for abused women and children. This work is just beginning and sponsors are needed fot this. So, by this time we have had build the house foundation. Little by little, day by day.

I also have a need myself I have embarked on a major dental repairs and it will last for 3-6 months. If you want to support me in this I am very grateful for your help ! The final amount for this operation will be about 100.000 INR and it’s like 1400 euros.

This link, you will find my contact informations for helping and supportins our works here in India.

Evangelist Kristiina Keravuori
World Evangelims Organisation and

May God Bless you all
Kristiina India